i’m closing 2BSTAR. you can still buy from the store but it will no longer be updated, whatever designs are there is it. thank you for supporting us. we love you all.

Hello! Could you help promote us? n___n
thanks in advance! ♥


We're a new blog shop selling Kpop fangoods. Can promote about us having glow-in-the-dark SNSD and BIGBANG bracelets on pre-order? We need at least 50 orders to order the bracelets.
Could you also add us as an affiliate?


Hello! I was wondering if you could promote this:
If you could promote us, that would be greatly appreciated! :) But I won't mind if you don't. ^^ Thanks!

And do you mind if we become affiliates too? That would also be greatly appreciated!

no problem


Could you make this design into a t-shirt? Please and thank you! ^^

it’s been done :)


could you put this design:
onto a women's hooded sweater too?

sure :)


The clothes I ordered from 2BSTAR <3.
I love them all, thank you.! (: